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Title: Design of a quality control process for Dealgecco GmbH
Adviser: Rädecke, N. (Nicolas)
Issue Date: 15-Apr-2014
Abstract: In this project, five intermediate objectives were set to obtain the general objective of designing a quality assurance system. The steps taken to do this started with obtaining relevant information from primary sources like the employees involved in the process and the constant observation done by the writer. This information was the basis to determine the status of all processes, a necessary task when designing a quality assurance system. From all this information, an extensive list of issues was obtained. This list was then depurated into another one that included the most relevant issues that affect the correct development of the deal lifecycle. This led to dividing the issues in four groups; team, process, product and information. Once this was determined, the task consisted in offering solutions for these problems by developing useful and simple tools.
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