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Title: Country of origin effect: the case of Colombian automobile consumers
Adviser: Suliman, J. (Juana)
Issue Date: 15-May-2014
Abstract: The concept of Country of Origin (CoO) has been largely studied as part of the international marketing field. CoO can be defined as the general consumer’s perception of products from a particular country (Roth & Romeo, 1992). Nowadays the concept of CoO has become more complex, due to the trends in multinational production; this have given origin to the concpet of “Hybrid products”, products that can be design or they brand is from one country and the production or assembly is done in other country. This research, studies the automobile consumption process of the Colombian consumer, regarding Country of Brand Origin (CoBO) and Country of Assembly (CoA) and its effect on the product evaluation of cars in terms of quality, perceived value and purchase intention.
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