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15-May-2014Storytelling brand: An experience that creates a path for brand loyalty?Sutherland, V. (Victoria)
15-May-2014The effect of price reductions on the switching behaviour of brand loyal consumers: the case study of the apparel moderate category in GlasgowCerrenato, V. (Valerio)
15-May-2014Country of origin effect: the case of Colombian automobile consumersSuliman, J. (Juana)
15-May-2014Analysing manifestations of resistance in Colombian health consumers: towards a co-destruction of value?Fletcher, M. (Margaret)
15-May-2014Social media lovers in Colombia: the role of online brand communities in developing brand loveMctler, M. (Alexander)
15-May-2014The effect of sales promotions on brand image in personal care products in ColombiaCerrenato, V. (Valerio)
15-May-2014The effect of destination image on perceived value, and their influence on behavioural intentions: Differences between visitors and non-visitors from Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and United States towards Colombia as a tourism destinationChaptzipanagiotou, K. (Kalliopi)
15-May-2014The Impact of multiple celebrity endorsement on attitude toward the advertisement and on consumers’ purchase intentions in the context of ColombiaClelland, D. (David)
15-May-2014Virtual co-creative community: exploring individual value creationLogan, D. (David)
2009Verificación y análisis de la información de los tableros de gestión de 25 instituciones financiadas por la Fundación ÉxitoZuluaga Sánchez, Sandra Inés; Castro Jaramillo, Lorena; Rivas Cardona, Juan Esteban