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    • La gestión de calidad en empresas colombianas de servicios de consulta en ingeniería 

      Zapata-Gómez, D. (Diego) (Administrativa, Financiera, Sistemas y ComputaciónEscuela de Ingeniería de Antioquia EIA, 2014-05-06)
      The process of implementation of a norm of quality management, because the levels of the organization are involved, is a process, from the point of view of the administration of companies, very complex and, therefore, ...
    • Gestión de la calidad con el modelo EFQM en 10 pymes metalmecánicas de Medellín 

      Parra-Mesa, C. M. (Carlos Mario); Villa-Toro, V. M. (Victor Manuel); Restrepo, José William (Fondo Editorial EIA, 2013-11-27)
      The relevancy of small and medium enterprises SMEs for the country demands the generation of projects leading to their strengthening, for what it is necessary to evaluate and to improve their quality management. It was ...