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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Mortiños de Antioquia S.A.SSylva Sánchez, Camilo; Barreneche Molina, Sara
15-May-2014Virtual co-creative community: exploring individual value creationLogan, D. (David)
15-May-2014Social media lovers in Colombia: the role of online brand communities in developing brand loveMctler, M. (Alexander)
15-May-2014The effect of sales promotions on brand image in personal care products in ColombiaCerrenato, V. (Valerio)
15-May-2014Analysing manifestations of resistance in Colombian health consumers: towards a co-destruction of value?Fletcher, M. (Margaret)
15-May-2014The effect of destination image on perceived value, and their influence on behavioural intentions: Differences between visitors and non-visitors from Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and United States towards Colombia as a tourism destinationChaptzipanagiotou, K. (Kalliopi)
15-May-2014The effect of price reductions on the switching behaviour of brand loyal consumers: the case study of the apparel moderate category in GlasgowCerrenato, V. (Valerio)
2014Factores culturales de influencia en la estrategia de mercadeo de restaurantes de hamburguesas en la ciudad de MedellínSierra Arias, Erika; Giraldo Díez, Juliana; Maya Ealo, Ana María
15-May-2014Country of origin effect: the case of Colombian automobile consumersSuliman, J. (Juana)
15-May-2014The Impact of multiple celebrity endorsement on attitude toward the advertisement and on consumers’ purchase intentions in the context of ColombiaClelland, D. (David)