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    • Aplicación del modelo de inventario manejado por el vendedor en una empresa del sector alimentario colombiano 

      Arango-Serna, Martín Darío; Zapata Cortés, Julián Andrés; Adarme Jaimes, Wilson (Fondo Editorial EIA, 2013-11-18)
      This paper presents the application of VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) in a Colombian enterprise that distributes food products. Here it is shown a clear definition of VMI and it is analyzed the key elements and the most ...
    • Modelos de sistemas MRP cerrados integrando incertidumbre 

      Arango-Serna, Martín Darío; Cano, J. A. (Jose Alejandro); Álvarez, K. C. (Karla Cristina) (Fondo Editorial EIA, 2013-11-06)
      In this paper, we present four models of uncertainty in the MRP closed systems in the production components, such as: manufacturing capacity of each product, delivery time and inventory availability. These parameters are ...